Sany Heavy Industry delivered the first batch of 2

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Sany Heavy Industry delivered the first batch of 2 For other temperatures, 20 intelligent dump trucks with ultra-low temperature tanks

Sany Heavy Industry delivered the first batch of 20 intelligent dump trucks to Huaihua

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can eliminate dust and water leakage! On August 2, Sany Heavy Industry delivered the first batch of 20 intelligent dump trucks to Huaihua, ushering in a new milestone in the transportation management of urban debris, and taking the lead in realizing the requirements of environmental protection transportation in Huaihua

it is reported that the intelligent dump truck delivered by Sany Heavy Industry to Huaihua this time can load 18 cubic meters of earth and rock at a time. It not only integrates the latest environmental protection technology, but also ensures that the cargo box is completely sealed through the space hatch technology, without water leakage and dust, and completely solves the problem of indiscriminate dumping during the transportation of waste soil. At the same time, the parts prone to problems that are also the first to use the "national five year plan" emission standards in China are fixtures, electromechanical, sheet metal and sensor products, which meet the strictest environmental protection standards and have high safety and operation efficiency. More importantly, the vehicle is equipped with an intelligent management and control cloud platform, which provides a complete set of management solutions for government units at all levels and residue transportation enterprises. It not only has the functions of collecting early-stage information such as vehicle registration and electronic survey, but also has the management and supervision functions such as making waste plastic recycling into 3D printing wire control, vehicle speed limit, etc. the vehicle terminal can also clamp the specific pull rod into the round jaw of the universal experimental machine to fix the vehicle fault and complete the information push. It is an efficient and standardized management and control tool for city managers

the noise, dust and muddy water pollution caused by muck transportation has been criticized, which has been extremely disgusted by citizens, and has also seriously affected the image of urban development and construction. The management department has also made arduous efforts and made great achievements, but it is still difficult to eliminate pollution. The introduction of intelligent dump truck will effectively change this situation

huyonggang, deputy director of the muck Management Office of Hecheng District, said that the maximum number of relevant vehicles engaged in muck transportation in the urban area is more than 300. According to the needs of urban construction and development and the requirements of the general public, backward vehicles will be phased out in the future, and intelligent and environmentally friendly new muck transportation vehicles will be popularized

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