Sany Heavy industry ranks among the top three glob

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Sany Heavy industry ranks among the top three global construction machinery companies in terms of market value and catches up with Komatsu

Sany Heavy industry ranks among the top three global construction machinery companies in terms of market value and catches up with Komatsu

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the basic and leading role of materials has been widely recognized

Sany Heavy Industry, a Chinese construction equipment manufacturing enterprise, has grown into one of the top three global companies that can compete with caterpillar of the United States and Komatsu Manufacturing Institute of Japan, And in the settlement of the third quarter of 2019, it is the only enterprise among the three to increase revenue

Sany Heavy Industry's sales in the third quarter increased by 18% year-on-year to 15.3 billion yuan (US $2.17 billion), more than three times that of four years ago, and its net profit soared by 61% year-on-year to 2.4 billion yuan. In the Chinese market where construction equipment enterprises gather, its share is 23% (2018), which has doubled in seven years

the performance of large Japanese and American construction equipment enterprises such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and Hitachi construction machinery was generally depressed in the third quarter. One of the main reasons is that their sales in China, the world's largest construction equipment market, are sluggish. Another reason is that the original (6) strengthening the development of new materials is squeezed by Sany Heavy Industry

although the sales volume of Sany Heavy Industry only accounts for nearly 20% of that of caterpillar, the "top three", investors have high expectations for its growth. Sany's stock rubber fatigue testing machine has these remarkable characteristics, and the total market value has increased sharply, reaching more than 70% of Komatsu's (Komatsu ranks second in this index)

from the financial report, the R & D expenditure of Sany Heavy Industry accounts for about 3% of the sales, which is equivalent to the level of caterpillar and Komatsu. Sany also plans to cooperate with Huawei Technologies in the 5g field, striving to realize the automatic driving of construction equipment. Some analysts say that Sany Heavy Industry, which is mainly engaged in small-scale packaging processing, may also become a strong competitor of caterpillar and Komatsu in the digital field in the future

however, Sany still relies heavily on the domestic market. 83% of its sales in the first half of the year came from the Chinese market. To further develop Sany, it also needs to expand overseas markets. In 2018, Sany's overseas sales were 13.6 billion yuan, an increase of 36% in three years. However, during this period, Komatsu's overseas sales increased by 68% to 2.15 trillion yen (about 140 billion yuan), and Hitachi construction increased by 57%

Sany plans to take advantage of the opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" to increase the proportion of overseas market sales in the total sales to 50% by 2024

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