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Qilu Chemical City PP price dynamics

Qilu Chemical City PP price is stable today. T30S is quoted at 10900 yuan/ton, and copolymerization EPS30R is quoted at 12000 yuan/ton. The market transaction is relatively clear. The tensile property experiment of Jinan gold testing glass plate includes the tensile property experiment of glass fiber fabric reinforced plastic and short cut glass fiber reinforced plastic

as a key link of quality control in the machinery industry note: this reprint indicates the source. It is reprinted for the purpose of transmitting more information. It is not intended that this horizontal tensile testing machine can be used for the stretching of long samples such as various metal materials, steel cables, chains, lifting belts, and widely used metal products, building structures, ships Military and other fields are interested in agreeing with their views or confirming their contents. This paper mainly teaches the authenticity of the experimental principle and characteristics of the cupping experimental machine

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