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Qilu olefin plant's National Day gift: ethylene production is 102 tons per hour

"this year's long holiday is really enjoyable. We didn't receive the rush repair task for the first time. I'm ready for battle every day, but it's quiet. The device sent a gift for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China!" On October 9, Xiao Wang of the machine repair workshop of the olefin plant of Qilu Petrochemical Company happily shared the joy of the holiday with his colleagues on his way to work in the morning

from October 1 to 8, the ethylene plant of the plant has experienced the longest double holiday smoothly, with stable systems, excellent economic and technical indicators, and the average hourly output of ethylene remains above 102 tons

on the eve of the double festival, the olefin plant carefully prepared and arranged all the work in place, taking into account the details. They put the materials, spare parts and chemical agents required for the festival into storage in advance to ensure the supply of follow-up support system. The factory requires that if you want to know more about the details of the experimental machine, all workshops should strictly investigate the hidden dangers, take measures to rectify and solve them in time, register the hidden dangers that cannot be eliminated without conditions one by one, and send them in writing to the relevant responsible personnel of the factory Department, workshop leaders, team workers, and post a notice on the wall to ensure that the personnel on duty and front-line workers of the whole factory are familiar with the hidden dangers and focus on monitoring. On September 24, the factory organized a large post inspection to comprehensively assess the implementation of pre holiday work in each workshop. During the festival, the factory arranges a factory leader and workshop leader on duty every day to strengthen the force on duty and can exist stably to deal with sudden accidents. The front-line staff strictly abide by their duties and strictly enforce the process flow and operation discipline, ensuring the stable operation of each set of units in the olefin plant during the festival

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