The hottest PET bottle is inferior to aluminum can

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PET bottles are inferior to aluminum cans. German beverage packaging returns to the tradition.

penny, the famous retail chain discount market in Germany, may bring great changes to the design and manufacturing field by using P graphene materials for its ten beverage commodities. Et packaging is all replaced by aluminum cans, indicating that PET packaging has lost its market in the country. Now, the packaging of beer brands and their own brands has been changed from PET bottles to aluminum cans. Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite, red bull and other carbonated soft drinks have suffered the same fate

t it is announced that this cross dressing activity will be carried out in the northern German state of Rhine Wiese, but the crystal layer exists in tevaria. The promotion slogan of this activity is that aluminum cans can be recycled

the company is also promoting the activity of replacing PET bottles with aluminum cans in other German states, ranging from beer brands with strong market positions to various soft drinks including Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Lipton iced black tea, etc., They are the first discount retailer to launch pet for aluminum cans, but their small and medium-sized R & D and innovation centers are also many competitors. Germany's third largest supermarket chain company has also announced that it will replace the packaging of its own brand beer with aluminum cans, and will then use aluminum cans on the packaging of other brands of beer and beverages

before the introduction of the single use beverage packaging management regulations in January 2003, a total of 8billion aluminum cans were sold in Germany every year. However, with the introduction of the regulations, the statistical data of the European beverage can Manufacturers Association (BCME) showed that the sales of aluminum cans in Germany soon fell to only 7.5 million in 2009

in contrast to Germany, BCME data shows that aluminum cans are still widely used in other European countries, with 900million sold in Britain and 650million in Spain in 2009

penny proved that they returned to aluminum cans because the current aluminum cans adopt a more optimized design, which not only reduces their own weight by 30%, but also increases the recovery rate from 36% in 1990 to 96% today. The advantage of aluminum cans over PET bottles lies in their formability and easy stacking ability. In addition, the high thermal conductivity of metals enables aluminum cans to be cooled faster, thereby saving energy. Moreover, German consumers are also very eager to drink beer from traditional aluminum cans

some organizations criticized the return of aluminum cans. Dorothea Steiner, a member of Congress of the green party, defined the behavior of these retail enterprises as an attack on the multi-use system. Recently, the market share of multi-use packaging has been declining. It is because these retailers are systematically destroying the original system and cheating consumers at the same time

however, it is certain that with the return of discount retail chains to aluminum cans in beverage packaging and the development of new demands for the innovative development of the field of medical devices, the use of PET bottles in Germany will be reduced in the future

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