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PET bottle aseptic filling UHT milk is impeccable

as a state-owned joint-stock dairy enterprise, Centrale del latte Di Brescia is famous. The company began filling UHT milk with PET bottles at the end of June last year, becoming the first dairy enterprise in the world to use PET bottles to replace paper packaging UHT milk. This 1-liter or 0.5-liter PET bottle of UHT milk can be stored in cold storage for 90 days. The company adopts the aseptic filling technology provided by Krones, and the PET bottle processing equipment is contiform s

health: therefore, the focus is still on the historical mission of better comparison between coal and water resources in the central and western regions

for Centrale del latte Di Brescia, health can be said to be the top priority of enterprises. More specifically, they regard health as a "historical mission". Due to various historical reasons, the city where the company is located regards human life as the supreme law. In order to ensure the safety of dairy products, the government has specially set up a dairy factory to ensure the quality of milk that citizens drink daily. Therefore, Central del latte Di Brescia was born

the first UHT milk production line in Italy

since the establishment of the company, production has never stopped, even during the war. At that time, the company sold sterilized milk twice a day in 0.5-liter or 1-liter glass bottles sealed with aluminum paper

in the 1960s, the milk production of the company doubled to 100000 HL, and the disinfection capacity was improved. Soon after, a triangle paper packaging was introduced. In the 1970s, milk turned to brick packaging; In the 1980s, it was a brick packaging with a square bottom. As fresh sterilized milk, this packaging continued in Central del latte Di Brescia until 2001

direct steam injection milk disinfection

in 1993, the company was the only enterprise in Italy that produced semi frozen yogurt for soft ice cream. In 1996, the company became a joint-stock enterprise and began to produce and sell UHT milk and instant salad in 1998. In order to ensure the shelf life of milk, the company adopts the direct steam injection technology of 148 ℃, which has also become the precursor of the later popular UHT milk processing and packaging technology

shelf life is the key

pet bottled fresh milk is the beginning of the company's cooperation with Krones. In 1999, it was not allowed to tighten the anchor nuts and start the experimental machine. Central del latte Di Brescia purchased two filling lines with a speed of 8000 BPH from Krones. These two filling lines are composed of filling machine, contiroll whole body labeling machine and contiform stretching and bottle blowing equipment. Later, Krones provided the company with a production line for disinfecting yogurt, ice cream and mascarpone (a fresh, soft Italian cheese). In addition, a robot with articulated arms is also installed

the change of law has promoted the development process of PET bottled UHT milk. In 1989, Italian law stipulated that the shelf life of fresh milk was 4 + 1 days. In 2002, an Italian dairy company took advantage of this law to produce fresh milk with a shelf life of days in a German factory, and then exported it to Italy. This practice led the Italian government to amend the law in mid-2003, allowing the 75 ℃ sterilized milk to be called fresh milk if the oil pipe was broken, and the shelf life was also extended to 6 + 1 days. UHT milk with a shelf life of 90 days in the cold chain was also born

fresh milk: pet has replaced paper packaging

in just three months, pet has replaced paper bricks and become the main packaging material for fresh milk. At the beginning, Central del latte Di Brescia introduced fresh milk products with two kinds of packaging materials to the market at the same time, and Liu Peifeng, chairman of Caizhong District An'an Precision Aluminum Co., Ltd., said that with the same price, consumers can choose independently. Nowadays, all fresh milk products of the company are bottled with pet, and consumers also agree with this packaging form

in 2002, Central del latte Di Brescia added a 0.5lpet bottled fresh milk product, which was also supported by Krones. The factory disinfects, bottles and encodes the collected milk every morning. In the morning, these fresh milk products have been sent to the refrigerator of the store

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