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Pet aseptic cold filling accelerates the technological upgrading of the beverage industry

recently, a seminar on pet aseptic cold filling technology was held in Beijing. The most advanced pet aseptic cold filling production line manufacturers from Italy and Germany and domestic and foreign aseptic cold filling technology experts attended the meeting. Experts believe that aseptic cold filling technology has made a big step forward on the basis of traditional hot filling. It is the most advanced beverage production and packaging technology in the world at present, and it is worth promoting in beverage enterprises, so as to make the technical level of China's beverage industry in line with the world's advanced level

At the meeting, Zhao Yali, Secretary General of China Beverage Industry Association, made a comparison between aseptic cold filling and traditional hot filling in terms of technology and application

comparison of filling processes: the United States, Mexico and Canada have reached an agreement on updating the North American Free Trade Agreement. The traditional hot filling can be divided into two types: one is high-temperature hot filling, and the other is low-temperature filling, and then the product is heated to 65 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ for pasteurization. These two methods do not need to sterilize the product, bottle and cover separately, but only keep the product at high temperature for a long enough time to sterilize the bottle and cover. Aseptic cold filling first needs to sterilize the product, bottle and cover respectively, and then fill in the aseptic environment until it is completely sealed before leaving the aseptic environment

from the comparison of the two process flow diagrams, the biggest difference is that the heating time of the beverage is different. As we all know, the longer the heat treatment time, the greater the impact on the quality and taste of beverages. UHT ultra-high temperature instant sterilization is adopted for aseptic cold filling, and the heat treatment time of materials is not more than 30 seconds, and the sterilization effect can be fully guaranteed under high temperature conditions; The sterilization method used in hot filling makes the materials stay at high temperature for a long time, which will affect the quality, taste and color of the products to a certain extent, and most hot filling beverages are added with preservatives

comparison of PET bottles used: it can be seen from the filling process that the requirements of the two filling methods for PET bottles are different. The hot filling process requires that PET bottles can withstand high temperatures above 92 ℃ without deformation, which requires increasing the crystallinity of PET materials. At the same time, the generation of induced stress should be limited during bottle blowing, which limits the freedom of bottle design. Aseptic cold filling can use light bottles (the maximum heat-resistant temperature is 60 ℃) and standard caps, which reduces the cost of bottles and caps, and allows more freedom to choose and design bottle types

raw materials and production line into three materials to repair molar effect comparison: there is a great difference in the input cost of the production line between the two filling methods. The bottle blowing machine used for aseptic cold filling has fast bottle blowing speed and low power consumption; However, the blowing speed of the hot filling bottle blowing machine is relatively slow and the power consumption is large. Under the same production capacity, the investment is three times that of the cold filling bottle blowing machine. The aseptic cold filling process is complex, and there are many filling auxiliary equipment. Overall, the initial investment of a sterile filling production line is higher than that of a hot filling production line. In terms of raw material cost, the weight of the two bottles is very different. Aseptic cold filling can save raw materials to reduce costs. In terms of operation cost, aseptic cold filling is also much lower

in short, aseptic cold filling products have the following advantages: safer consumption, aseptic cold filling products absolutely do not contain preservatives and any other additives; The taste is better, fresher and more colorful, so as to restore the natural delicacy and beauty of fruits to the greatest extent; The product has less vitamin loss and richer nutrition; Better freshness and longer shelf life; Bottle type selection is more free and drinking is more convenient

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