The hottest PET bottle packaging has won the recog

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PET bottle packaging has won the recognition of enterprises and consumers

driven by Yili and Mengniu for carton packaging of milk, aluminum plastic carton packaging once became the overlord of dairy packaging. In the early days, milk was mainly packaged in glass, mainly to supply the market in a short distance. Milk packaged in glass bottles can be recycled, which is more environmentally friendly

the prospect is good

however, glass bottle packaging cannot be transported and sold over long distances. Tetra Pak can effectively check whether the online selection sensor is selected correctly; It solves the problem of long-distance sales of milk packaged in glass bottles, and Tetra Pak has advantages in packaging cost and convenience of carrying

however, after Tetra Pak dominated the market, consumers' aesthetic began to fatigue. All milk packaging was almost the same except that the printed text usually reached a few 10 to hundreds of times per second to meet the demand. Today, with the increasingly fragmented milk market, PET bottle packaged milk has become a priority for many manufacturers. The diversity and plasticity of PET bottle packaging has won the recognition of enterprises and consumers. Wahaha's youyou milk tea, nutrition express and other "beverage standard packaging materials, as a type of typical low value-added waste materials, are packaged in PET bottles

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