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Major difficulties in polyester PET export: anti dumping and countervailing

major difficulties in polyester PET export: anti dumping and countervailing

February 16, 2017

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and the use of highly active San (acrylonitrile styrene copolymer) can well improve the above problems.

in recent years, China has been the country subject to the most anti-dumping investigations, especially PET, anti-dumping Countervailing has once become a major dilemma for our pet export

in 2016 alone, China's pet export market suffered from many anti-dumping incidents: in March, the U.S. International Trade Commission announced that it would make the final determination of anti-dumping and countervailing industrial injury investigations on pet originating in China, Canada, India and Oman. In April, the Ministry of development, industry and trade of Brazil decided to extend the anti-dumping investigation period of PET resin to China for up to 8 months and postpone the final determination. Also in April, the Argentine Ministry of production decided to launch an anti-dumping review investigation on granular poly pair pet originating in South Korea, Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, China, India and Thailand. In August, the development prospect of universal material testing machine is very broad. We have devoted ourselves to studying the technology in this field. The Indonesian anti dumping Commission launched an anti-dumping investigation on pet originating from Malaysia, South Korea and China. In September, Mitsui transformer experiment had protective devices such as overcurrent, overvoltage and overload. Mitsubishi Chemical, uni pet and Vietnam former polymer proposed that pet originating in China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao) had dumping behavior and requested to impose anti-dumping duties. The dumping investigation period was from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016. This case involved products under Japanese customs code 3907.60, of which 12 enterprises in China were involved

in terms of years, the export of bottle grade PET in China was 2.125 million tons in 2014, which fell to 1.8923 million tons in 2015, a year-on-year decrease of 10.95%. In 2016, the export of bottle grade PET in China was 1.9828 million tons, although a slight increase of 4.78% compared with 2015, but it still did not exceed the total export volume in 2014. The transnational investigation of anti-dumping and countervailing requires a lot of manpower, material resources and high litigation costs, which makes many enterprises cautious about pet exports. Industry insiders believe that anti-dumping and countervailing are a major factor affecting the export volume of bottle grade PET

under the current global economic situation, trade protectionism is emerging, and the trade friction it brings is inevitable. At the G20 Hangzhou summit held last year, the voice against trade protectionism became louder and louder. Anti dumping is a double-edged sword. If used properly, it can protect the economic interests of enterprises from illegal infringement. However, if it is relied on too often, it will damage the existing fair, open and direct mail international trade environment, and the ultimate impact will be the interests of enterprises themselves. The future market environment is complex and changeable. In order to develop here for a long time, we must establish and improve the differentiation system, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises with innovative means. Only in this way can the pet export of enterprises be smoother

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