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Pet and PS imports led to a decline in prices in North America

after the sharp rise in prices in recent months, the average sales price of PS and PET bottle resin has corrected

some buyers said that since December 1, North America P is not absolute. S prices have fallen by an average of 3 cents/pound. Previously, due to the regional market's response to the supply shortage caused by Hurricane Katrina and Rita, the environmental pollution caused by such plastic granulator equipment was very serious, and the price had risen by 10 cents/pound since August 1

seasonal demand decreased, and the price of raw materials for PS production also fell accordingly. Pat Duke, a market analyst at DeWitt consulting in Houston, Texas, told Plastics News, headquartered in Akron, "the prices of pure benzene and styrene are falling and are currently rebuilding their positions." The high price of PS "has promoted the import of more manufactured products, while the domestic demand for resin in the United States has decreased. However, with the lower price of PS, this regional gap will gradually narrow."

pet, manufacturers have reduced the price by 10 cents. Since August 1, the policy of high additional charges has been introduced, and prices have further risen. These factors worked together to increase the price by an average of 19 cents/pound since August 1

at present, the prices of raw materials of p-xylene and ethylene glycol have fallen, and the supply of pet in the export market has increased, resulting in a decline in the average sales price. With the weak demand in the beverage market, the market is also experiencing a common year-end demand reduction

Edgar Acosta, a DeWitt market analyst, said that in the future, pet processors in North America "will have to buy more imported resins to get out of trouble."

Acosta mentioned the shortage of resin supply caused by the hurricane and said, "they can't afford this kind of blow again."

China's excess production - Acosta estimates that China currently has more than 2billion pounds of pet capacity idle - will also affect the supply and demand of raw materials in the United States

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