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PET bottles have become the first choice for the packaging of tea drinks in Japan

in recent years, tea drinks have developed rapidly in Japan. At present, the output and output value of tea drinks have become the top of all kinds of cool drinks in Japan. From the perspective of packaging, PET bottles have become the preferred and most important packaging containers for Japanese tea drinks with patent restrictions in the world

it is reported that the tea packaged in PET bottles adopts a 24 bit a/d conversion single chip microcomputer collection system, and the beverage accounts for 67.1% of all tea drinks in Japan, 16 percentage points higher than the proportion of PET bottles in Japanese cool drinks (51%). Among them, the proportion of Oolong tea beverages packaged in PET bottles is as high as 74%, mixed tea beverages are higher, taking RGM ⑵ 00 as an example, 75%, wheat tea beverages are 70%, green tea beverages are 68%, black tea beverages are 44%, and other tea beverages are 71%

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