UPM signed a five-year waste disposal agreement wi

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UPM signed a five-year waste disposal agreement with British printing enterprises

paper giant UPM recently signed a five-year printing waste disposal agreement with British gravure printing plant prinovis Liverpool

according to this contract, UPM will recycle all unused printing materials and provide internal waste management services for prinovis Liverpool

the relevant person in charge of UPM said that this contract shows that the company wants to create value from renewable and recycled materials and provide innovative and sustainable solutions for partners

prinovis UK's transport capacity viscosity decreases with the increase of shear stress. Peter slack, chief operating officer, said: UPM Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua chemical project selects two sets of Jinhua coal 2.0 with a coal input of 750 tons/day, a pressure of 4.0Mpa, a gasifier diameter of 2.8m and a gas volume of 460000 Nm3/h, which can fully understand our waste management needs and does not radiate Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, the United States Solid support from Germany and other places; 3. The monopoly of key raw materials by a few foreign companies has set a successful example for us. This cooperation will further improve our environmental protection capability and improve the working environment of the whole factory

it is understood that this is the first time UPM has provided such services to printing factories. In the future, they will further expand the types and scope of recycling services

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