UPM closes one of the largest paper mills in Finla

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UPM closed one of the largest paper mills in Finland release date: Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Finland Helsinki on August 26, UPM, a Finnish forestry company, plans to permanently close the j MS kaipola paper mill in Finland by the end of 2020, mainly due to the long-term decline in demand for printing and writing paper and the deterioration of economic prospects. The plant can provide 450 jobs and is one of the largest paper mills in Finland. Its closure will lead to the termination of paper production in Finland. Meanwhile, UPM announced other layoff plans, which will affect about 840 jobs in total, most of which are in Finland. UPM said that although the worker was developed by a plastic extruder for more than 100 years, the well-organized factory handled by the post-90s girl has a skilled team and electromechanical machinery. 1 it is necessary to import servo electromechanical machines with good maintenance. However, many external factors, such as high logistics costs, legal and tax issues, rising labor costs and low-grade fiber fines, are favored by the market, which greatly reduces the competitiveness of the paper mill. Moreover, The prevalence of coronavirus has also led to a sharp decline in the print and writing paper market. Although there are some early signs that the demand for these kinds of paper tends to normalize, the global economic outlook has deteriorated

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