Bosch China's sales in China hit a record high

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Against the trend, Bosch China's sales in China hit a record high

Bosch, the world's leading technology and service provider, announced on the 11th that thanks to the steady recovery of China's economy and the gradual recovery of China's auto market, consumer goods and industrial technology markets, its performance in China achieved a contrarian growth in 2020, with sales reaching 117.3 billion yuan (about 14.9 billion euros), an increase of about 9.1% year-on-year over 2019

after the outbreak of the epidemic, the first recovery and positive development trend of the Chinese market drove the global performance of Bosch Group in 2020, which was much better than the expectation at the beginning of last year. Dr. Volkmar dunnar, chairman of the board of directors of Bosch group, said that we have always been optimistic about the long-term development trend and potential of China's economy and will continue to invest in strategic areas and serve the Chinese market. We are also very willing to help China achieve the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality through product innovation and experience sharing

despite the challenge of COVID-19, Bosch group still achieved sales of 71.5 billion euros in fiscal 2020, and also achieved good results in the first quarter of 2021. Bosch successfully passed the first year after the outbreak of the COVID-19. Dr. dunnar said. Bosch Group believes that due to the continued risk of covid COVID-19, there are still many challenges in 2021. With the technological and ecological changes, electric travel will bring new opportunities to the group. Therefore, Bosch is combining IOT and AI. Bosch is in the leading camp in the wave of electric travel transformation, and has significantly expanded its software business with AI. In China, we also focus on these key areas for the future. Dr dunnar added

the performance of Bosch China in 2020 reached a record high

in 2020, the business of Bosch China not only reversed the decline in the early stage of the epidemic, but also set a record high in sales in China. By the end of 2020, Bosch has more than 53000 employees in China, which is the country with the largest number of employees according to EMS grivory except Germany. Bosch's long-term development strategy of rooting in and serving the local market in China remains unchanged, and is committed to providing innovative products and solutions for the local market in China. Over the past decade, Bosch has invested more than 50billion yuan in the Chinese market

Bosch China will invest in future key areas such as sustainable transportation and intelligent IOT to further expand the advantages of local R & D and innovation. The Bosch China hydrogen fuel cell center, built in Wuxi at the end of 2020, has been put into use in the first quarter of this year. The hydrogen injection valve assembly has been mass produced in May, and the fuel cell stack will be mass produced in June. In March this year, Bosch and Qingling automobile jointly established a joint venture, which will further promote the industrialization of fuel cells in China and provide local customers with advanced fuel cell systems. In November last year, Bosch China Innovation and software development center, the first software development center opened by Bosch Group in China, was officially opened in Wuxi, further strengthening the innovation and software development capabilities in China. As the first semiconductor testing center of the group outside Europe, Bosch Suzhou MEMS sensor testing center will officially start its expansion this year. It plans to expand the investment of 360million yuan and add 120million yuan of laboratory R & D investment

carbon neutralization dual strategy helps 3060 dual carbon goal

Bosch implements the dual strategy in the field of carbon neutralization. On the one hand, as an industrial manufacturing enterprise, Bosch has achieved the goal of carbon neutrality in more than 400 business locations around the world in 2020. Certified by an external independent audit company, Bosch has become the world's first large industrial enterprise to achieve carbon neutrality. The comprehensive path of Bosch to achieve carbon neutrality is also applied in China, including improving energy efficiency, expanding renewable energy supply, purchasing green electricity, and using carbon offsets to compensate for inevitable carbon emissions. From 2019 to the end of 2020, Bosch China has invested nearly 120million yuan in climate protection and carbon neutrality

for Bosch, achieving carbon neutrality is only the first milestone. Bosch is taking concrete actions to achieve scope 3 goals. Specifically, compared with 2018, Bosch plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15% in the entire value chain from suppliers to customers by 2030, with a cumulative reduction of 67million tons. Facing the sudden rupture of the Chinese market, Bosch has launched a series of sustainable products in consumer goods, automobiles and other fields. For example, focusing on the actual situation of household heating comfort upgrading in China, Bosch launched a new household heating 4.0 system, which provides dual temperature heating, ground constant temperature, rainforest type comfortable hot water through the district intelligent control mode of condensing efficient combustion technology combined with intelligent constant temperature flame control, and realizes significant energy-saving effect on the premise of ensuring comfortable body feeling. Bosch electric tool products have reduced carbon emissions through the improvement and simplification of packaging materials. In the automotive sector, Bosch continues to develop multi powertrain solutions with a technology neutral and open attitude, helping China's automotive industry to achieve peak carbon emissions in advance around 2028. This includes the electric bridge and 48V system provided for new energy vehicles, and has taken the lead in realizing mass production locally, including fuel cell technology for commercial vehicles, electrification technology, natural gas solutions and efficient internal combustion engine solutions

on the other hand, as a technology and service provider, Bosch hopes to share the knowledge and experience accumulated in the practice of carbon neutrality global projects with other enterprises to help the manufacturing industry achieve carbon neutrality. To this end, Bosch Group established the Bosch climate solutions business department in mid-2020. In China, Bosch Internet industry division has provided external customers with smart energy management platform projects to help enterprises optimize the production and operation level in the field of distributed energy, achieve energy conservation optimization and reduce carbon emissions. Sustainable development always runs through Bosch's business philosophy. We attach great importance to the impact of products and production and business activities on the environment and people's health. Dr. Chen Yudong, President of Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said that in the future, Bosch China will support local enterprises to achieve the 3060 double carbon goal through technological innovation and sharing production practice experience

continuously tap the development potential of intelligent IOT

for Bosch, AI technology is very important, and it is committed to becoming one of the global leaders in the field of AI innovation. Bosch's goal is that by 2025, each product will have AI functions, or use AI in the development and production process to discuss the technology around the development of innovative design capabilities, international development trends, cutting-edge technologies, market demand, policy guidance and other future development trends of the industry. As the leader of industrial AI, Bosch has applied AI technology to products and industrial manufacturing. In the field of autonomous driving, multifunctional cameras with AI algorithms have been widely used, and local mass production has been achieved in 12 advanced driving assistance projects and 5 L2 level partial autonomous driving projects. In addition, China's AI team collaborated to complete the in-depth learning part of the vivalytic platform. The fire performance theory is aimed at some enterprises who are in a hurry to seek medical treatment because they do not know the cause of the fire, which improves the speed and accuracy of coronavirus polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detection. In the field of industrial manufacturing, Bosch also continues to tap the great potential of artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of factory operations. Bosch has two factories in China awarded the world economic forum lighthouse factory. These two factories in Wuxi and Suzhou have applied AI in automatic optical detection systems to improve the flexibility of automated production lines and product quality. AI solutions have had a positive impact on business development, saving about 23million yuan a year in China alone

Bosch is not only committed to building AI products that users can trust, but also focused on promoting the rational discussion of AI technology in society. Bosch plans to carry out artificial intelligence training programs for nearly 20000 employees worldwide in the next two years. The "AI code of ethics" issued by Bosch will also become a part of the training, as a clear policy to guide employees to create safe, reliable and interpretable AI products, and attract all sectors of society to participate in the discussion of promoting AI. In addition, Bosch also focuses on the basic research of industrial AI and actively expands the boundary of industrial AI. In March last year, Bosch China AI center and Tsinghua University jointly established a machine learning joint research center to carry out relevant research around the core areas of industrial ai r & D and application. In just one year, it has submitted 7 patents and published 9 top conference papers. In addition, the joint research center is also exploring more cutting-edge technologies used in products and intelligent manufacturing to accelerate the innovation and breakthrough of industrial artificial intelligence

After ten years of hard work, Bosch China Charity center has practiced society. As an outstanding employer shouldering the corporate society, Bosch has always been committed to the balance between ecology and society, benefiting the environment and society. Bosch China announced the establishment of the Bosch China Charity center in 2011. As the main body of the operation of Bosch charity projects in China, the center has always adhered to the core concepts of philanthropy and the world bank's philanthropy in the past decade, and is committed to supporting the four core areas of tracing the origin of education, empowering the poor to help themselves, promoting public welfare development and helping community construction to carry out public welfare charity work. By the end of 2020, Bosch China has donated 137million yuan in the past decade, operated 185 charity projects, covering 29 provinces and cities, and established cooperative relations with 125 public welfare organizations, benefiting more than 340000 people. At the same time, after ten years of development, Bosch China has registered more than 2200 volunteers. In 2020 alone, volunteers provided volunteer services for more than 6500 hours, covering 10 cities across the country. We established Bosch China Charity center ten years ago in the hope that professional teams will systematically carry out charity and public welfare undertakings. In the future, we hope to continue to work with all sectors of society to explore more effective ways and methods to promote public welfare and charity work. Said Dr. chenyudong, President of Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd

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