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Market prosperity: Dinglong group's 500000 tons of chlorinated titanium dioxide project settled in Chongqing

market prosperity: Dinglong group's 500000 tons of chlorinated titanium dioxide project settled in Chongqing if it can't solve the problem

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recently, at a centralized signing ceremony in Fuling District, Chongqing, Guangdong Dinglong industrial group (hereinafter referred to as: Dinglong group) signed a 500000 ton annual chlorinated titanium dioxide project with Fuling District, This is also the first time that Dinglong group has set up an instrument industry chain project in Chongqing to verify the quality or performance of titanium products according to the design requirements. Only the new spiral design saves 2G of plastic per bottle

DINGLONG Group vigorously expanded its titanium mining business by increasing its capital and holding Yunnan Zhongti technology this year. It is reported that China titanium technology controls the relatively rich ILMENITE PLACER resources in Yunnan. The amount of ilmenite minerals in the existing mines is up to 6.06 million tons, and the amount of magnetite minerals is up to 2.27 million tons. These minerals have the advantages of high grade, less impurities, easy mining, environmental protection and low production cost. They are also high-quality basic raw material coatings for the production of titanium dioxide by chlorination

it is reported that the project will rely on the titanium iron ore resources of the group's enterprises to obtain a stable and high-quality raw material supply, so that it has a very strong market competitiveness at home and abroad. After the project is fully completed, its scale can promote Fuling District to become China's largest titanium dioxide production base by chlorination method, and create a high-quality project with an annual output value of more than 10 billion, an annual profit of more than 2 billion, and an annual tax contribution of more than 1 billion

in recent months, domestic titanium dioxide prices and titanium ore prices have experienced several rounds of sharp price increases, while the outbreak and duration of COVID-19 abroad have affected the production capacity of overseas mines and titanium dioxide to a certain extent. In contrast, domestic titanium dioxide has become the main force supporting the global market demand, and it is natural for the market to flourish. It is against this background that the 500000 tons of chlorinated titanium dioxide project signed this time has attracted much attention

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