The hottest market price of wool yarn in Puyuan, C

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On the 25th, China Puyuan wool three synthetic materials aimed at high-end replacement imported yarn market price

15 ring yarn (matte)

36 double strand flash rabbit hair like 37100 polypropylene fiber fdy300d13200

28 cashmere like d/36f nylon-6fdy2750 after being put into production, the annual production capacity is 600million watt hours

36 double strand cashmere like 25100 acrylic bead yarn

various colors of yak yarn artificial high elastic cotton

16 colors of blended sheep yarn detection instruments and other industrial production has been widely used 5000 nitrile viscose nitrile chenille

16 rabbit wool yarn 80: ice hemp

16 count rabbit wool yarn 50: all kinds of mohair

viscose nitrile r/a25800

comments on each count of various colors of sheep yarn: in the past week, due to the continuous high temperature of the weather, there was no sales volume in the downstream woolen sweater market, and the production of woolen sweaters by flat knitting machines was further reduced, resulting in the consolidation of Puyuan woolen yarn market, thus stopping the destruction of land and sea. The volume of transactions fell again. However, the market transaction price showed signs of stabilizing this week, and the whole woolen yarn market showed a trend of "shrinkage adjustment"

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