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To help the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, the Bosch industry 4.0 plan is feasible

in order to better cooperate with Chinese enterprises, give full play to the accumulated deep understanding and rich experience of industry 4.0, help Chinese manufacturers achieve intelligent manufacturing, and promote China to achieve "made in China 2025", Bosch Group recently held an activity to explore Bosch industry 4.0 in Suzhou

the theme of this event is Bosch industry 4.0 program to help China's manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading. He birui, general manager of Bosch auto parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and Wang Jianguo, general manager of Bosch software innovation China, introduced the development history of Bosch Suzhou company, how Bosch views industry 4.0, and how to optimize production and maintain competitiveness through industry 4.0. What can Bosch do as an excellent supplier of industry 4.0 and what it has done. In addition, organizing media and guests to visit Bosch Suzhou automotive electronics factory, displaying successful cases of industry 4.0 pilot, and holding round table discussions with on-site guests are also the main contents of this event

industry 4.0 originates from the fundamental demand for production.

he berui said that industry 4.0 is usually described as an industrial revolution. But in fact, for us, this is more like an evolution, realizing digitalization, informatization, networking and intellectualization step by step. Interconnected production helps us save costs and resources. In terms of industry 1.0 and 2.0, we have gradually achieved mass production. Industry 3.0 can help us use devices like robots. Industry 4 The third stage is from 2026 to 2030, which enables us to make production more intelligent and effectively combine all links of our production to avoid waste

Bosch believes that industry 4.0 means a network based on the industrial value chain. In this network, machine equipment, storage system and manufacturing facilities are placed on the same platform to form an information physical system. In the production environment, the intelligent machine, storage system and manufacturing facilities that constitute the information physical system work together to realize the functions of information exchange, trigger process and automatic control

this close connection between automation and information technology will be conducive to small batch production, making its cost closer and closer to the low cost that can be achieved by large-scale and efficient production. In addition, this connection will also significantly improve the efficiency of the whole value chain through the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and things, so as to achieve the effect of saving energy and resources. Most importantly, industry 4.0 will eventually lead people to establish a new business model, change the pattern of industrial production, and set off a wave of change

Bosch provides innovative solutions for Industry 4.0

he berui said that as a leading practitioner and excellent supplier of industry 4.0, Bosch can provide production process analysis, value stream optimization and design for Industry 4.0, and provide automation products, sensors, software and related services for Industry 4.0 R & D. For Bosch, application industry 4.0 is to achieve higher production efficiency, lower cost, low-cost small batch customized production, as well as resource conservation and optimal utilization. Specifically, industry 4.0 should not only focus on production, but the whole product life cycle. At the same time, industry 4.0 is a means, not an end, and will contribute to the realization of made in China 2025

when talking about Bosch's understanding of industry 4.0, Wang Jianguo emphasized that for Industry 4.0, the future is an interconnected industry. How to make the whole value chain and value network realize interconnection and interworking, and optimize and integrate at the same time, this is what every enterprise will face, and it will also be a development trend. From raw material suppliers, parts suppliers, equipment suppliers to consumers, all information will be linked. Consumers may be triggered by end-to-end demand, which is linked by equipment suppliers, component suppliers and raw material suppliers. In order to meet your personalized customization needs, many production and scheduling systems in the factory will be adjusted accordingly, which is also the goal of industry 4.0

he said that as a manufacturing enterprise, Bosch's core soft power production and manufacturing experience, innovative software, sensors, IOT equipment and automation equipment, as well as talent reserves such as carrier mechanical engineers, production line operators, equipment and plant operation managers, have jointly laid the foundation for Bosch as an excellent supplier of industrial 4.0 solutions

in practical cases, industrial 4.0 transformation has distinctive personalized characteristics. Bosch can design and optimize the value stream for manufacturers according to their specific conditions and personalized needs, which is the core ability and essence of designing industrial 4.0 solutions. In order to promote the development of industry 4.0 in China, Bosch is now cooperating closely with domestic manufacturing enterprises. As the first strategic partner of Qinchuan machine tool industry 4.0 production line, Bosch Rexroth provided project consultation and solutions for its robot joint reducer production line project

Bosch factory verifies that the solution is feasible

as the earliest participant and practitioner of industry 4.0, Bosch Group has promoted and practiced industry 4.0 in more than 100 factories around the world. It is the practice of Bosch that enables it to become a provider of industrial 4.0 solutions. By visiting Bosch Suzhou No. 1 factory, a model enterprise of our pilot project in China, you can not only see the improvement and optimization of industrial 4.0 solution for production and manufacturing, but also see the tangible benefits it brings to enterprises, and you can perceive many benefits in the future. He birui said

it is learned that the sensor in Bosch Suzhou automotive electronics factory is dust-free and no black smoke generation test workshop, which has been designed according to the concept of industry 4.0 since its inception. The raw material automatic supply system of the workshop can be used based on real-time materials. 3. Pay attention to the relationship data between the government and the market, and will automatically ship materials from the vertical storage system and transport them to the production workshop. In addition, through the application of Bosch IOT sensors, the dust-free workshop is implementing a predictive full staff production and maintenance system. This system enables employees to predict the working state of the machine in advance and maintain each equipment appropriately in time. In addition, Bosch is transforming the traditional workshop in the factory according to the standard of industry 4.0. Taking the automatic raw material supply system used in the surface mount production line of Suzhou factory as an example, this automatic material transportation system can improve the production efficiency by 15% - 20%

the annual production and sales of industrial new energy vehicles reach 2million, and the road to industry 4.0 is heavy and long.

Wang Jianguo stressed that although industry 4.0 is called the fourth industrial revolution, it is a gradual evolution process. It doesn't mean that by making some application solutions, we can announce that our factory has realized industry 4.0 in 2 or 3 years. Therefore, we can only say that we are constantly moving towards the goal of industry 4.0 on this road

industry 4.0 is not an overnight and drastic revolution, but a gradual evolution. Bosch will also gradually promote the process of industry 4.0 step by step: first, as a practitioner, carry out pilot projects in multiple places and points, and quickly determine the most promotional way through practice; The second is to realize the vertical interconnection within the factory and the preliminary interconnection of the value chain; Finally, the whole value chain and a wider range of horizontal interconnection will be realized. Therefore, the development and evolution of industry 4.0 needs the attention and investment of the whole industry. As a supplier of industry 4.0, Bosch will be committed to contributing to the development of industry 4.0, helping China's manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade, and achieving the goal of made in China 2025

during the event, Zhang Yanchuan, vice president of the China Academy of information and communications, and Shen bin, head of the Department of mechanical engineering of the Sino German College of Tongji University and executive director of the Sino German advanced technology center, also made an in-depth interpretation of industry 4.0, and discussed the relationship between industry 4.0 and made in China 2025; People are the core of Bosch industry 4.0 solutions. And other topics to carry out in-depth exchanges with the media. Jiang Jian, vice president of Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd., presided over the event

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