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Market reminder: there is no approval number on the package of health care products, and the quality is unreliable

health care products suddenly become drugs

it is clearly a kind of health food to enhance immunity, but in the mouth of operators, it has become a "panacea" that can reduce blood sugar, blood fat, cancer and cure diabetes

on the 16th, the law enforcement officers of the garden industry and Commerce Office found during the inspection that a health care product franchise store near Gongnong Street exaggerated the publicity and "deceived" consumers. When the law enforcement officer pointed out that the salesperson's propaganda was an illegal act, the salesperson pointed to the names of some traditional Chinese medicine on the raw materials marked on the packing box and defended, "here, quickly press the handle gently and turn the passive pointer back to the maximum energy of the dial, which contains traditional Chinese medicine. Regular eating can certainly achieve the effect of treatment." Law enforcement officials fined the health care store for illegal publicity

director Qin of the garden industry and Commerce Office said that many pharmacies now have health products counters, and they often encounter illegal publicity by operators during inspections, saying that health products that do not have therapeutic effects are drugs to recommend to consumers. Because consumers lack the corresponding consumption common sense and cannot distinguish the difference between health care products and drugs, the false publicity of businesses is very easy to mislead consumers

I visited many pharmacies in the city and found that many health product salesmen exaggerated the function of health products. In front of the health products counter in a pharmacy on Shengli Road, I learned that the sleep quality was poor. The salesperson recommended a health food that could improve sleep, and repeatedly stressed that the "medicine" contained many traditional Chinese medicines, "this is traditional Chinese medicine, which can cure insomnia caused by various reasons." When referring to the health food logo on the package that is easy to twist out, the salesperson asked her if only the "national drug approval" can have the effect of treatment, and said unhappily that although the batch number is different, this health food contains traditional Chinese medicine, which can also play the role of treatment. In another pharmacy, I saw a salesperson recommend a certain kind of equipment to the woman who inquired about weight loss products. So how to distinguish between an experimental machine and an analyzer? In fact, as long as we control 1 point, we can have health food with purgative function

expert tips: how to choose health products

the state stipulates that there should be no absolute medical statements on the outer packaging or product instructions of health food, and businesses that are better than excellent steel are not allowed to use suggestive language with therapeutic effect to mislead consumers. In addition, the batch number of health food is different from that of "national drug approval". When purchasing, you should first check whether there is an approval number on the package, that is, "Wei Shi Jian Zi () No. XX" or "Guo Shi Jian Zi () No. XX". If not, it means that the product has not been approved by the Ministry of health or the State Food and drug administration, and the quality is very unreliable. Secondly, there is an obvious sign of national health food - commonly known as "blue hat" in the industry. Any food that has obtained the approval certificate of health food is allowed to use the health food mark stipulated by the Ministry of health

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