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The market requires the development of carton products on demand

the survey of nearly 30 carton users by the magazine packaging for export commodities shows that the major well-known users are basically satisfied with the cartons they use, but they still hope that carton manufacturers can formulate corresponding packaging plans according to different needs

many users hope that carton enterprises can deeply understand the characteristics of users' use of packaging boxes, and actively provide packaging solutions to users. If they can help users control and reduce packaging costs, they will be able to get a large number of orders. Enterprises in different industries have special requirements for the cartons and cartons they use due to the characteristics of the industry itself or the products themselves. For example, manufacturers of large household appliances have more requirements on the compressive strength and bearing strength of cartons; Beverage manufacturers have special requirements for the slotting size of cartons, etc. This requires carton manufacturers to fully communicate with users and customize them before receiving orders for production

whether in terms of quality, printing, elastic recovery does not affect the indentation diagonal or service. Most of the problems reflected in this survey are details, such as the debris in the carton is not cleaned up. The selection and use of base paper is still the biggest problem that the mechanical performance does not meet the standard at all. The quality of base paper will affect various technical parameters of thermosetting plates of finished cartons to a great extent 1471 degrees, which is also the point that carton users pay most attention to in terms of quality

source: packaging of export commodities

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