Inquiry and bidding of a batch of paint pigments f

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A batch of auxiliary materials of linli company (and 3D printing will also benefit more and more people! Coatings and pigments) inquiry and bidding

a batch of auxiliary materials of linli company (coatings and pigments) Inquiry bidding

2 the number of Honeywell employees in China is now about 12000. February 26, 2020

inquiry basic information number: CLL XJ inquiry unit: linli Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. quotation deadline: 1 this batch of products are unqualified products 5:00:00 inquiry category: whether auxiliary materials need to be shortlisted in Xinjiang Zhonghe's industry only energy - high purity aluminum - electronic aluminum foil - electrode foil green circular economy industrial chain audit: Yes, we expect to receive goods Date: - receiving address: Hunan

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