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Flexographic printing of cartons and cartons in the United States is growing rapidly

according to the statistics of flexographic printing market in the United States in 2000 released by the American flexographic Technology Association, the flexographic industry still maintains a good momentum of development. With the improvement of product quality and production efficiency, flexographic printing technology has been more widely recognized. At the same time, the business volume has also increased greatly. It is expected that the sales revenue in 2001 will be relatively flat compared with the business volume in 2000, and an industry authority will be established. However, in the past few years, in the printing of corrugated boxes, images have become more and more prominent and important, and have a great impact on the business. Flexographic printing has made some achievements in 2000. More and more printing adopts four-color and five-color printing. It can be said that there is still great potential in this field that has not been fully tapped and utilized. In 2001, the growth rate of flexo corrugated boxes should reach 7% - 8%

for flexographic printing of folding cartons, 2000 was a year of rapid and strong business development. The increasingly high quality of products has not only attracted many customers, but also left a deep impression on companies and practitioners in the field of offset printing processing. The most prominent and outstanding application in the field of folding cartons is the application of CTP technology, which can reproduce the tone well, without losing the level of detail, and is more suitable for short version live printing, which requires special skills and equipment. With the recovery of the economy, the efforts of the high-definition Flexo Printing Association have also promoted the development of high-precision flexo printing. In addition, the development and application of UV ink is also an important factor to ensure the 10% growth rate of the folding carton market

The quality of UV flexo printing products has been comparable to that of offset printing products. In this way, a relatively high economic printing method has been added to the short version printing market

in the past few years, the growth rate of flexo printing in the folding carton market has exceeded 10%, and now the accounting has reached 20%. Next year, it may increase by 10 percentage points to 30%

market analysts pointed out that flexographic printing is a growing, stable, successful, very competitive, powerful and progressive printing process. Semi automatic pneumatic clamping device; Computer automatic control of landing height and lifting of falling hammer; Electromagnet automatic capture

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