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On demand printing group flash power introduces OSI digital printing machine

the UK branch of lightning source, the global on-demand printing leader, plans to introduce an OSI color stream3700 color digital printing machine from Canon to better expand comic books and periodicals. Hong Kong's mainstream public opinion also hopes that the Legislative Council can pass the universal suffrage act and the children's reading book market

flash power UK branch currently has 115 employees, mainly in the printing business of economic and educational books, but the head of the company said that the market demand for color printed books is increasing, and the company is expected to start providing customers with color periodical printing services in 2014

the choice to enter the children's reading market is absolutely right, and comic books are also one of the market focuses. Andrew Bromley, general manager of flash power UK branch, spoke 4. Experimental principles and methods with excitement. David Taylor, managing director of flash power group, also agreed. Publishers are currently facing many challenges. Not only do customers have high requirements for book delivery speed, but they also need to estimate how much sales the market can have. Printing on demand can realize one printing and zero inventory, which greatly saves the capital cost

Craig Nethercott, director of Canon UK's commercial printing department, said: flash power helped publishers cope with the difficulties faced by the book retail industry, and brought new business opportunities to them and customers through the power of digital printing. The traditional printing method is easy to cause inventory backlog and capital occupation, while the customers of flash power company will not encounter these annoying problems

Ossi color stream3700 color digital printer has a working speed of 100 meters per minute and a paper width of 540 mm. It is equipped with the unique digi dot on-demand inkjet multi-function technology of Ossi, which makes the print quality stand out from the crowd

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