Five ways to manage the shortage of seats in the c

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Five ways to manage the shortage of seats in the customer service center

it is both sad and confusing to see some customer service centers dismiss them when they are in urgent need of seat staff during the crisis. In this crisis, the interactive experience with customers is very important; Don't ruin your future relationship by giving up your seat now

here are some simple and quick ways to manage the shortage of staff in your customer service center during a crisis

1. Introduce personnel from other departments

if your sales team, retail team or production team is affected by the epidemic, let them participate and help the customer service team reduce the burden

a simple way to use these entry-level seats to alleviate the call surge is to set up a manual classification/ivr. These help reduce the anxiety of waiting when customers are waiting. You can use the additional first step to route them to the best seats

2. Extending working hours

for the shortage of staff in your customer service center, this seems to be a simple and obvious solution, but it is a powerful tool to use in a crisis

if your customer service center operates according to the standard working hours (9:00 to 17:00), even if you work an extra hour every day, it will increase the running time by 25%. This can reduce the workload of your seats

if you use this time wisely, maybe only use them for callback, or deal with complex queries during normal working hours, which may be a more powerful solution

3. Provide overtime pay

some customer service center managers will not like this, especially because many of them feel the pressure of declining profits from other parts of the ecosystem, but you may have no choice in this matter

one of the most important things is to keep active users of the seats. Through simple operation, they can carry out different testability. Even a small incentive can be very helpful to achieve this goal for manufacturers of general flexible packaging, film, fiber, yarn, latex and so on. This is not even a financial reward

4. Call the employees asking for leave

to give your seats the opportunity to re book their flights and take a vacation later this year by letting them choose to postpone their vacation until after the crisis (even earn some extra overtime during this period)

5. Choose remote office home seats

there are many seats in the call center that use the same device and press the "confirm" button, and they are very close, and the call center has always become a hotbed of disease. In order to protect the health of employees, it is important to do as much telecommuting as possible

this will help reduce the number of employees who are unable to work due to safety problems, and will also help you introduce additional employees from other places and extend working hours. By reducing the chance of team illness, it can also prevent personnel from further measuring 100mm shortage according to the actual measurement

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