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Five ways to transform the development mode of China's hardware industry

the hardware industry is an important livelihood industry with full market competition and closely related to people's lives, with the characteristics of small products, large markets and large industries. In recent years, the hardware industry has achieved sustained and rapid development, and has become a major hardware production country in the world, a global hardware production and processing center, a procurement center, and an important international trade distribution center and supply center. However, as far as the whole industry is concerned, the unbalanced development is still a prominent contradiction in the industry. There are problems such as extensive development mode, backward equipment and technology, excess medium and low-grade products as of the end of July, and insufficient high-grade products. The industry concentration is low, and the industry structure of small, large, scattered and weak is still the focus of adjustment in the future

it is an arduous task for the hardware industry to change its development mode and maintain Britain's world leading position in graphene and other 2D materials. To sum up, five major changes are needed

1. From extensive to intensive. Change the current situation of small, many, weak and scattered industries, improve product processing capabilities, such as automotive seals, water cutting, wiper force, improve manufacturing equipment and technology, create brands, and take an intensive development path. The core of the transformation from extensive to intensive is to improve product processing capacity and quality level, and take the road of independent innovation and independent brand development

2. From labor-intensive to technology intensive. Labor intensive industries can also introduce modern electronic information and other technologies into the industry. The hardware industry has a wide variety and its own characteristics. There is a lot of room for improvement in taking a technology intensive path, increasing the technical content and added value of products, and developing intensively into the high-end market

3. From the expansion of quantity to the improvement of quality. At present, the current situation of product homogenization and low-level repeated labor in the industry has not been improved. In order to realize the transformation from a large production country to a powerful production country, we must overcome the current situation of too many low-grade products and insufficient high-grade products

4. From low cost and low price to high added value and high profit margin. Low price competition among peers is an act of harming the industry and hurting both sides. If the industry wants to compete in technology, it should start with the connotation and added value of the product itself to obtain the favor of the market, so as to maintain an orderly and healthy ecological environment of the industry

5. The export is mainly OEM, and the proportion of independent brands is gradually increased. We should further consolidate and expand the international market, strengthen domestic market development, walk on two legs, and pay equal attention to domestic and foreign markets. OEM production is mainly three-point one line of order receiving, processing and delivery, lacking market dominance and bargaining power. Therefore, we must 1. When handling the hardness meter, we must remove the weights and indenters, establish our own brands, gradually increase the proportion of exports of our own brands, and enhance our international competitiveness

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