IKEA, Japan's largest home furnishing enterprise,

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YIDELI, Japan's largest home furnishing enterprise, enters China: aiming to catch up with IKEA

YIDELI, Japan's largest home furnishing enterprise, enters China: aiming to catch up with IKEA

January 9, 2015

[China paint information] Jinyintan store of Xudong Qunxing city and Yongwang mengle city - intentional Wuhan citizens will find that since October 2014, nitori, a home furnishing store with a large area, has been opened in both commercial complexes

nitori's Chinese name is YIDELI, formerly known as the "bird like furniture store" founded by shikono in Hokkaido, Japan in 1967. After years of development, it has become the largest listed household decoration Group in Japan, and Siniao has a bigger dream: "of course, it is the first in the world!"

at present, IKEA is far away from the world. "Mr. Mattias zachart, general manager of LANXESS, said that IKEA, the world's No. 1 furniture and home decoration brand, is still a long way from home. But Zhaoxiong seems to have made ambitious plans:" in 2016, Japan will open 500 stores (twice the number of stores at present), in 2022, it will open 1000 stores; in 2032, it will open 3000 stores, and its sales performance will exceed 180billion yuan. "

no one has opened a furniture store. I open a

follow the family motto to pursue "difference"

click on the page of "YIDELI home furnishing". In addition to inviting new products to market, it is the "11th price reduction declaration" with white words on a gray background. The Manifesto says: the price of 400 commodities will always be reduced by 15%-40%! This is the 11th time that "YIDELI" has dropped a shock bomb of low price in the Japanese retail industry. Generally speaking, the prices of goods in YIDELI store are almost 1/2 of those of similar goods in Japan

the president of YIDELI, with his smiling eyes narrowed into the shape of a crescent moon, is full of affinity, which makes people forget that he is one of the 40 richest people in Japan once listed in Forbes magazine

Xiangniao Zhaoxiong was born in 1944. He was not good at his homework when he was a child, so he failed to enter a famous school. "Of course, my parents will worry, but they probably don't know what to do, so they have to tell me to do something different! As long as' not like others', he will have a chance to succeed. Of course, it will take three times more effort than others."

my parents probably didn't think of it. It was like a little helpless consolation and became a starting point for me to go upstream like a bird. "Later, I read the book of Matsushita Yukiko Matsushita, the founder of Matsushita Electric Appliance Industry Company. I saw that Matsushita Yukiko only graduated from primary school, but was able to invent a double hole socket. I was more sure that what his parents said was right. Doing different things is absolutely a necessary condition for success."

the founding of YIDELI was based on the belief of "different", but at that time, the idea of being like a bird was ridiculously simple. "After graduating from college, I didn't know what to do. I just saw that there was no furniture shop on the nearby store street, so I decided to do this business."

1967, Siniao Zhaoxiong established the "Siniao furniture store" in Hokkaido, covering an area of only 100 square meters. In the early days, in order to purchase goods, he would go to Taiwan every month to buy sofas, dining tables and chairs, beds and lamps. I didn't expect that soon after its opening, a large-scale business with a scale of five times appeared nearby, and the bird like furniture store was facing the key to its survival

learn from the United States to change the fate of bankruptcy

determine the purpose of "good taste" and "cheaper"

in order to find a solution, Zhaoxiong decided to learn from the United States. This trip changed the fate of the company. Even after more than 40 years, he still has a fresh memory when he recalls his feelings at that time. "I found that there are few basic large-scale furniture in American furniture stores, but there are all kinds of 'home decorations' such as carpets, curtains and bedding that can improve the quality of life, and the whole group helps customers match them well; more importantly, the price is only one third of that in Japan."

the so-called "pursuit of difference" finally has a more specific direction, and siniaochaoxiong decides to take "improving home taste" and "cheaper price" as the core of "difference". He said: "the first thing an entrepreneur should have is foresight. He should first set his ambition, know what the purpose of creating a company is, and determine his own philosophy."

it seems that "having taste" can rely on designers, while "cheaper" must look at the world. Japan is a country based on trade, and many enterprises are export-oriented. However, Japan does the opposite and is import-oriented

like a bird: "After the war, after a period of rapid economic growth, Japan has now become one of the world's largest economies, and its per capita income ranks first in the world. However, many people do not feel this in their lives, because Japanese prices are at the top of the list. Compared with the United States, the prices of necessities and various services in Japan are two to three times higher. In a sense, Japanese life is still relatively difficult."

for this reason, he began to focus on Asia, especially China, the commodity supplier of the US market. However, in the past two years, many fixed-point processing enterprises in China have established long-term strategic partnerships with bird like enterprises

in the Tokyo Chiyu store of YIDELI, you can find many cheap products with exquisite design and first-class quality. The price of the three person milk white synthetic leather sofa is 29000 yen, the price of the stainless steel pedal garbage can is 999 yen, and the price of the white porcelain plate is 99 yen. Compared with similar commodities in Tokyo Department stores, the price of YIDELI is only 1//2

the "one-stop" model lowers the price

from raw materials to logistics

from 1990 to 2005, the average profit growth rate of Japanese manufacturing enterprises was only 1.5%. In 2006, YIDELI's sales profit margin was as high as 12%, which was not only 3% higher than the average profit margin of the world's top 500, but also higher than the average profit margin of Japanese enterprises

the rise of YIDELI is related to the change of consumption behavior in the new generation. In the past, buying furniture was a once-in-a-lifetime decision, but now young Japanese consumers are no longer so rich; Second, I don't want to buy too expensive furniture, otherwise I will be reluctant to change it

to keep the price down, YIDELI implements a one-stop business model. The company is responsible for the preparation of raw materials, commodity development, production, and even logistics distribution

xiaoniao Zhaoxiong believes that the dealers should bear the costs, rather than take the risks themselves. He took logistics as an example. It seems expensive to build a large logistics center, but the money saved far exceeds the construction cost. At present, YIDELI Japan has three logistics centers of its own, in which 80% of the goods are imported from overseas, and 100000 containers are imported from overseas a year, which is the largest single enterprise import volume in Japan. All these containers enter the logistics warehouse

not only does the logistics come by themselves, but YIDELI develops all the goods by itself. 70% of the goods in the store are independently developed by them, which makes it convenient for them to flexibly add functions and adjust colors in the products, without being subject to the purchase of dealers who will also have more distinctive new screws and special single screw extruders

like bird Zhaoxiong found that low price alone is not enough to attract consumers, and quality and innovative functions are also indispensable. For example, they have developed a two-layer quilt. One layer is used in summer and another layer is added in winter; The elevators of high-rise residential buildings are often narrow. Therefore, they designed electric reclining chairs and sofas that can be divided into three parts to facilitate moving through the narrow elevators

at present, YIDELI has a commodity department with 300 people in Japan and a team of 200 people in Shanghai. It regularly produces 10 series of new commodities every year, replacing 40% of the original commodities

constant failure leads to "Japan first"

the process of moving towards Japan first is not plain sailing, but full of failures. In his early days, siniaochaoxiong opened an inflatable semi-circular shop in Sapporo. Although the topic was full, there were many problems. It takes one hour to fill up the air before opening the store, and when it is hot, the store will be hot to 40 ℃, with a temperature difference of 50 ℃ compared with the low temperature of minus 10 ℃ outside. Even employees don't want to come here If the used materials are ice water mixture (0 ℃) shift. And because of the snow, employees must shovel snow regularly, and employees have had heart disease

"this is just an example of failure. There are too many failures like this," Siniao said, "but many failures are actually related to success when the company does not go bankrupt."

he has a lot of life and business philosophy. In addition to his vision, goals, and never giving up, he believes that the most important thing is "softness". He should be flexible, curious, and know how to study in a low attitude. Secondly, we should "make a quick decision". The problems we hear at the morning meeting should be solved after work. Once there is a problem that needs to be corrected, even if 250 stores have to be corrected, they should do it in a desperate way. After making a decision, we should also review and constantly think about whether there is a better way. "The operator is thinking for 365 days and 24 hours." He said

during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, siniaochaoxiong donated 100million yen. He said that most of the profits of his company come from business with China, some of which are produced by factories in Sichuan. The donation of 100million yen is also to repay China

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